Double Stuffed Oreos

Let’s just preface this post by stating that these are not healthy. They are, however, amazingly delicious. In fact, our anonymous taste tester was overheard saying, “These are unbelievable.” Yup, they’re THAT good. So, if you have a decent amount of self control, go ahead and indulge. And if you don’t, go ahead and indulge anyway, and then give the rest of the batch away (like us). 1 box of Oreos will make about 15 of these puppies, so alter your recipe accordingly.

1 box Oreos (we used double stuffed, but you can hold back and use regular..psh)
1 bag Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
1 row Thin Mints
1-2 bags of chocolate chips (or chocolate bars) for melting

“Un-sandwich” your Oreo’s, keeping the side with the creme
Discard–or eat–the plain side (we bagged them and stuck them in the freezer to be used for a future recipe)
Create a new and improved Double Stuffed Oreo, with a Reese’s or Thin Mint sandwiched in the middle, and squeeze together gently
Place the cookie sandwiches on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and refrigerate for  5-10 minutes so they set

Melt the chocolate over a double-broiler until the chocolate has fully melted (click here for melting tips)
If you have exquisite dipping skills, dip away! But if you’re like us and find dipping large treats in chocolate difficult, take an ice cream scooper or a ladle and generously pour the chocolate over the cookie sandwiches
Use enough chocolate to fully cover the sandwiches and place in the fridge for at least 30 minutes
Aaand eat! The results will take your breathe away. (You think we’re being dramatic, but really we’re not…)


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