Dark Chocolate Salted Twix Bars

Yea, you heard us right. Dark chocolate, sea salt, caramel, crunchy deliciousness. We’ve been too good lately, giving you healthy, detox-inspired recipes, so it’s about time we show our sweet tooth a little love. These are addictive, so make a batch, savor a few, and then give the rest away. Better yet, bring them along to your Memorial Day BBQ this weekend. Your friends will thank you.

– Nutella
– Caramel piece candies
– Honeywheat braided pretzel twists
– Sea salt
– Dark chocolate chips

– Take two pretzel sticks and lay them flat next to each other
– Melt four caramel pieces until slightly soft
– Push the caramel pieces down in a row on top of the pretzel sticks, “gluing” the pretzel sticks together to form a bar
-Flip over the pretzels, generously spread Nutella along the other side
-Melt the dark chocolate chips until smooth, dip each pretzel bars into the melted chocolate
– Sprinkle each bar with sea salt immediately
– Refrigerate bars for about 30 minutes until the chocolate has set
– Enjoy!

Recipe courtesy of SavorySweetLife.com


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