Chocolate Pretzel Bites

These sweet treats are embarrassingly easy. There’s nothing all-natural, clean-eating, or remotely healthy about them. But they’re super quick, festive, and insanely addictive. Maybe you agreed to bring snacks to a friend’s Halloween party, but are now too busy fang making, practice face painting, and spooky trolley touring to invest much time into a treat that will both impress your Pinteresting-GFs and delight ghoul-bros with varying palates. They’re like homemade Flipz. So think of it this way – you could show up at the party with a jumbo bag of Flipz, or arrive with a bowl of homemade, festive sweet n salty treats instead. You’re welcome. Plus, when our anonymous taste tester (and brutally honest dessert critic) popped a few in his mouth he exclaimed, “Steph! These are LEGIT.” And that, friends, makes a blog-worthy recipe. Happy Halloween!


1 bag square pretzels
Chocolate squares or Hershey’s Kisses (dark or milk)
1 bag M&Ms (or PB M&Ms, or toffee pieces, or Peppermint Bark come Christmas)

Preheat oven to 200 degrees
Line pretzels on a baking sheet
Place one chocolate square on each pretzel
Bake for about 3 mins, until the chocolate is slightly soft
Remove from the oven, press each pretzel with an M&M
Refrigerate until hard
Try to resist finishing the batch before the party…


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