Turmeric+Lemon+Ginger+Cayenne+Honey Elixir

I start most mornings sippin on a splash of apple cider vinegar in my water bottle at a morning workout class (benefits here), which gives me a jolt of energy and helps with digestion. Travel and changing temps left me with a head cold and scratchy throat this week, so I added this warm elixir to my post-workout morning routine. The cayenne pepper adds a hefty kick, so start small and add it at your own discretion. The turmeric — and ginger for that matter — are an acquired taste (our taste tester wouldn’t come close to this concoction) but I swear the combo of anti-inflammatory ingredients did the trick and helped speed up my recovery.


 1 tsp turmeric

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

Ginger root (3mm, grated).

2 tsp raw honey (why raw?)

1/8 lemon, juiced

8 oz warm water


Combine all ingredients + stir + sip!


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